Civil Litigation

Florida Homeowners Civil Litigation Lawyers

Despite the best intentions of Boards of Directors it is almost inevitable that the association will eventually have a dispute with contractors, homeowners, tenants and even their management company. When a dispute arises that requires the attention of a lawyer, contact the skilled professionals at Glazer & Sachs, P.A. Since 1994, we have been dedicated to providing Florida condominium and homeowners’ associations with experienced legal advice and representation.

Our Florida homeowners civil litigation attorneys have litigated almost every type of association case imaginable, whether in the courts or in arbitration.

At any given time, our firm is handling:

  • The right of an association to prohibit pets/pet restriction litigation
  • Lawsuits against contractors
  • Lawsuits against unit owners for unpaid assessments
  • Arbitration actions for parking violations
  • Lawsuits regarding unauthorized modifications to the common elements
  • Lawsuits regarding nuisances by tenants or unit owners
  • Lawsuits against the developer
  • Arbitration actions regarding occupancy in a 55 and over community
  • Lawsuits regarding unauthorized rejections of buyers or renters
  • Prosecution or defense of recall matters
  • Litigation of breach of fiduciary claims
  • Opposition to neighboring development
  • Alleged violations of local ordinances
  • Restraining orders against unit owners who threaten violence

Our first choice in any dispute is to attempt to settle the matter without the need for lengthy arbitration or court litigation. If no agreement can be reached, we are fully prepared and extremely capable of arguing your case in court or in arbitration.

Whether in state court, federal court or in arbitration, our accomplished attorneys and skilled legal staff have the knowledge and experience to take your case the full distance if necessary.

Since your condominium or homeowners’ association is a Florida corporation, it is required by law to obtain legal counsel when either pursuing or defending a cause of action in a court of law. Rest assured that by choosing Glazer & Associates, your association will be represented professionally and aggressively by an experienced attorney and will do everything possible to obtain a positive result.

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