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Perhaps the most critical time period in the entire existence of the association is when control passes from the developer to the unit owners. This is commonly referred to as “turnover.”

The turnover process is important because for the first time, the unit owners are totally in control of the association and their own destiny. Even more important, however, is the fact that upon turnover, important deadlines begin to run regarding the association’s rights to pursue potential claims against the developer.

At the law office of Glazer & Sachs, P.A. we are dedicated to helping Florida condominium and homeowner’ associations deal with the important issues surrounding the developer turnover process.

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First, it is important to understand that the first Board of Directors comprised solely of the unit owners has an awesome responsibility. It is their job to ensure that the developer delivered all that was promised and that the physical property and the association’s finances were properly maintained during the time period the developer was in control of the association.

In both homeowners’ associations and condominium associations, Florida law requires that the developer transfer control of the association to the unit owners three months after 90% of the homes have been conveyed to purchasers.

Glazer and Associates, P.A. has extensive experience representing associations during the turnover process. We typically work with other professionals such as accounting and engineering firms who each provide an assessment in regard to the developer’s responsibilities, including:

  • Did the developer improperly fail to pay the association’s bills?
  • Has the developer improperly failed to fund reserve accounts?
  • Has the developer improperly charged unit owners for services never provided?
  • Has the developer failed to deliver possession of the property to the unit owners free from structural, electrical, mechanical or other defects?

If the experts find that the developer has failed in regards to any of the above matters, Glazer & Sachs, P.A. is prepared to go to court if necessary and protect the association’s rights. The condo association needs to be careful, however, because there are strict statutes of limitation in regard to pursuing money owed by the developer to the association and forcing the developer to honor its warranty and make necessary repairs. Sometimes the association needs to act quickly in order to get results.

With the tremendous amount of new construction throughout South Florida, the turnover process constitutes a large percentage of our practice now and certainly into the foreseeable future.

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