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Glazer & Sachs, P.A., Legal Experts In Florida Association Laws, Representing Condominium And Homeowners' Associations

Arlene Hauben
South Florida Sun-Times

Glazer & Sachs, P.A., Attorneys At Law, provides corporate and individual legal representation for plaintiffs and defendants in both state and federal courts and arbitration cases. In addition, the firm represents buyers and sellers in commercial and residential real estate transactions. The firm’s litigation practice areas include bankruptcy, civil and commercial litigation, personal injury, construction and toxic mold litigation. The core of the practice has always been devoted to the representation of Condominium and Homeowners' Associations throughout South Florida.

“When residents decide to participate in the affairs of their community and become a member of the Board of Directors, they do not know how difficult and time consuming their responsibilities can be,” says Eric M. Glazer, founder and principal of the firm. “Decisions must be guided by Florida Statutes, The Florida Administrative Code, the Declaration of Condominium, Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, By-Laws, and more,” adds Glazer, well known for giving every client the personal and professional attention that is so necessary for Board members to make the community a better place to live.

Following his graduation from the University of Miami School of Law in 1992, Eric Glazer elected to settle down in South Florida. A native of Brooklyn, NY, he obtained his B.A. in Political Science at New York University and was employed in the Kings County District Attorneys Office. Since Glazer founded the firm in 1994, he has realized his dream of practicing law and working with people to make their lives and homes better. “I am extremely pleased to have become a member of the South Florida community and to have represented so many good people in South Florida during the last 12 years,” says Glazer. He resides in Hollywood with his wife and child and there’s one more on the way.

Condo and homeowners' associations are constantly confronted with sticky situations and a challenging range of problems that crop up when so many unrelated people, each with their own opinions and attitudes, live in the same community, sometimes under the same roof. As anyone can imagine, there is plenty of room for conflicts. When these occur, Glazer & Associates steps in to achieve resolution.

The business of running an association is fraught with difficulties. For instance, when unit owners don’t pay their maintenance, when contractors do shoddy work, or when owners or renters are in violation of their declarations, bylaws, or rules, there can be lawsuits. Condo and homeowners' associations sue developers over construction defects and monies owed. Many of the cases require litigation and/or arbitration.

Restoration work in older communities is an area where lawyers need to step in. “Many of the oceanfront properties are nearing their 30-year mark, typically a time when concrete restoration and other costly repairs become necessary,” says Eric Glazer. “Frequently these are substantial contracts costing anywhere from $300,000 to several million dollars, so we strongly advise boards to have a lawyer review contractor documents prior to signing. In fact, any contract should first be reviewed by the association’s attorney to avoid binding the association to a bad deal. Moreover, associations are now routinely borrowing these sums from banks and these loan documents should be reviewed by counsel for the association as well.”

Glazer & Sachs, P.A. provides other administrative services that associations need help performing. Much of the practice is devoted to assisting associations in collecting past due assessments and special assessments from delinquent unit owners. Associate Attorney Michael Rajtar routinely assists associations in the filings of liens and foreclosure actions to collect past due assessments, interest, late fees, as well as the attorney’s fees expended by the association. This ensures that other community members do not financially burden the paying unit owners as a result of non-payment of assessments.

The firm often sues unit owners who continually violate the association’s controlling documents, administers annual elections of board members and amends the association governing documents. “Before filing suit, the firm makes every effort to amicably resolve the issue at hand to preclude the associations and unit owners from incurring the cost, uncertainty and delay often found in litigation and/or arbitration.”

In addition, the firm helps establish and maintain the status of “55 and over” and “62 and over” communities. In regards to “55 and over” communities, Glazer advises associations to take surveys every two years in the proper statutory format, to make sure that each unit is occupied by at least one person age 55 and over. “ If 80% of the units are not occupied as such, the community is at risk of losing the exemption from federal and state law and will be forced to accept families with children,” Glazer notes.

What sets Glazer & Associates apart from other law firms? In addition to their professionalism and experience, they optimize the impact of each case with technology. For instance, they utilize all of the latest hi-tech tools to conduct research and make court presentations, making their arguments more compelling and winning. “We use multi- media presentations shown on projection screens for court exhibits and in mediation, adding dramatically to the positioning of the case,” says Eric.

For example, in a recent toxic mold case, the firm represented unit owners. The lawyers vividly displayed the presence of hazardous mold through video power point presentations that showed photos of occupants living in a toxic environment as a result of the Board’s failure to correct roof deficiencies. “The visual presentation made a powerful impression and gave us an edge on the defense counsel,” says Glazer, who won the case. The results: the association had to pay money for damages to the unit owners, perform remediation of the unit and most importantly, install a new roof. Because toxic mold litigation cases require an enormous amount of time, funding and professional commitment, Glazer & Associates examines the merit of each case carefully before agreeing to take it on.

The firm also represents buyers and sellers in traditional real estate transactions. “It’s important for each side to be represented by competent counsel. However, buyers should always use an attorney,” notes Eric. “The one thing you do not want to do is buy a title problem.” Glazer & Associates is responsible for issuance of title insurance policies and review of all mortgage and loan documents. They will conduct contract and title examinations, and will even work with your lender on financing and refinancing. Working with Glazer & Associates ensures that all of the closing documents are properly prepared to make your closing go smoothly.

In addition to Eric, the other three attorneys in the firm are: Michael Adrian Rajtar, a native of Hudson, NY and graduate of the University of Miami School of Law; Andrew Charles Demos, native of North Miami Beach and graduate of St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami; and Meredith Leigh Spira, native of Miami and graduate of Emory University School of Law. The administrative and support staff consists of five friendly, helpful and competent employees.

Glazer & Sachs, P.A. is located at 1920 E. Hallandale Beach Boulevard, Eighth Floor, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009. Tel: 954-983-1112; Fax: 954-333-3983. Visit their informative Website at:

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October 28, 2004